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Jennifer Worth SRN, SCM, is a retired nurse and midwife. She is author of Eczema and Food Allergy (Merton Books, 1997) and writes extensively about allergic diseases. Her book Call the Midwife will be published by Merton Books in March 2002. She can be contacted via philip@whitehousestudio.fsnet.co.uk

Articles by Jennifer Worth

  1. Eczema and Food Allergy

    Listed in allergies

    Retired nurse and midwife Jennifer Worth highlights the trauma that eczema sufferers can go through, relating her own painful experiences, and offers hope to other sufferers having ...

  2. The Allergy Volcano

    Listed in allergies

    In the last 50 years we have seen the immense increase of chemicals in the soil, air, water, food; metals entering the body; thousands of drugs; electromagnetic waves of all frequen...

  3. One Hundred Years of Treating Asthma

    Listed in asthma

    Jennifer Worth, a retired nurse and midwife who has written extensively about allergic diseases, has a long family history of living and coping with asthma, and shares some effectiv...

  4. Neonatal Sensitisation to Latex

    Listed in allergies

    Latex is a known allergen and latex sensitisation has become a serious problem for nurses, midwives and doctors who have extensive, long-term exposure to it. It has been assumed tha...

  5. The Effects of a Virus upon Allergic Conditions

    Listed in allergies

    This is Jennifer Worths personal account of the course she took to get to the root of her debilitating viral condition, which started with a cold that developed into bronchitis. As ...

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