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Jennifer Longmore is MD of Injury Prevention Ltd, and is working toward a world where the safety and well-being of therapists in the Health and Beauty Industry is taken as seriously as that of clerical and industrial personnel in their respective fields. She is dedicated not only to offering quality and consistent training to independent therapists and therapists in retail spa and salon settings, but to raising the profile of the potential for serious injury through bodywork and the need for mandatory prevention and treatment solutions. IPM's first book, The Essential Guide to RSI-Free Massage, will be available in the Spring 2005, and their Level 1 Training course is available on video/DVD format. Jennifer Longmore can be reached on Tel: (01924) 223 225; info@injuryprevention.org.uk; www.injuryprevention.org.uk.

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    Statistics estimate that about 1.2 million working people suffer from musculo-skeletal disorders and everyday about six workers give up their jobs because of RSI (Repetitive Strain ...

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