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J Parker’s Dutch Bulbs (Wholesale) Ltd.  (J Parker’s), established 1933, has been a family business for over 70 years, involving J Parker’s own sons Daniel and Paul. J Parker’s are one of the leading plant and bulb companies in the UK. Sharing a genuine enthusiasm for gardening with all our customers, they are fully committed to providing the best available products at the best available prices.

J Parker’s late father came from Holland in 1933 during the depression and started a mail order bulb business. He came from three generations of bulb growers and exporters. Since then they have prospered into probably the largest UK mail order horticultural company, solely owned and managed by the original family. Their success is based on supplying quality goods at down to earth prices and an effective IT and Despatch Organisation, which delivers an efficient service to our customers. For more information and to order plants online, please visit J Parkers.co.uk

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