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Irene Stein has, over several decades, created numerous beauty, anti-ageing and hair growth products. She is the author of  Royal Jelly: a Guide to Nature's Richest Health Food (Harper Collins 1986) and  Irena, Health for Life: One Woman’s Quest to Improve on Nature (Irene Stein 1997). She may be contacted via Tel: 00 972 9970 8628;  07831 641199;  ireneroyaljelly@gmail.com   www.irenesteinrj.com

Articles by Irene Stein

  1. Adaptogens - Stressing the Importance of Protection

    Listed in immune function

    Until fairly recently, the function of vitamins was regarded with a great deal of scepticism by the orthodox medical profession, but they have been shown to play an intrinsic role i...

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