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Ipshita Ghoshal is an MBA professional with a passion for writing and research. She has experience contributing to the medical industry, having been a medical content writer at Clinicspots. Ipshita understands the complexities of healthcare and has used her expertise to author numerous articles on topics ranging from preventative care to understanding complex treatments. Her in-depth knowledge gives her the ability to communicate complicated information in simple language that can be easily understood by readers. Ipshita's work has helped educate countless individuals on important medical topics, providing them with invaluable information that could improve their healthcare decisions. Ipshita Ghoshal may be contacted via https://www.linkedin.com/in/ipshitaghoshal04/ 

Articles by Ipshita Ghoshal

  1. Refractory Multiple Myeloma – New FDA Approved Treatment 2022

    Listed in cancer

    Multiple myeloma is one of the rarest cancers. In 2022, an estimated 34,470 cases of multiple myeloma were recorded in the United States. The death toll went up to 12,640 in the Uni...

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