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Ian Price is the Director of Business Training Direct, which specializes in Presentations Skills Training. After 25 years working in the caring professions, Ian set up his own company that focuses on achieving confidence in public speaking. Whilst his main focus was in developing communication and speaking skills for presentations and public events, he also undertook extensive training in Hypnotherapy. These skills and his previous professional background and management experience, means Ian is well equipped to gently and appropriately discuss issues with clients in an easy and relaxed style that encourages openness and change. Unleashing the ability to stand up and speak empowers individuals and enables them to open doors that would otherwise be closed.He may be contacted on Tel: 0845 838 1812; ian@businesstrainingdirect.co.uk 

Articles by Ian Price

  1. Overcoming Anxiety, Building Confidence in Public Speaking

    Listed in anxiety

    Public speaking used to be the province of a few, but now we can expect to find ourselves in situations of having to speak to an audience: even job interviews now often require us t...

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