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HSIS – Health & Food Supplements Information Service provides accurate and balanced information on vitamins, minerals and other food supplements.  The information HSIS provides is not brand or product specific and is always evidence-based.  HSIS also publishes research and reports on food supplements issues and hosts media briefings to give you the opportunity to learn more. HSIS independent experts are available to provide evidence-based, accurate comment on diet and nutrition and food supplements issues.  They are experienced in working with the media and are used to being interviewed – they understand how to present the facts about food supplements in a simple, straightforward way. https://www.hsis.org/

Articles by HSIS

  1. 7 Ways Menopause is Putting Women at Risk of Avoidable Nutrient Deficiencies

    Listed in women's health

    Almost half of women are worried their diets aren’t meeting their nutritional needs around the menopause. That’s according to a new research report[1] just about to be published by...

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