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Howell Lewis is currently a nurse with a long-term interest in complementary healthcare. He came across Reishi while studying herbal medicine and was so impressed he started a business to import it from China. During a horticulture degree in the mid 70s he advocated organic growing, deemed somewhat eccentric by his tutors, and opened a whole food restaurant in 1980 to the disgust of some potential customers. Howell learnt Reflexology in 1984, and gained an MA in 1995 with a research dissertation on left and right brain functioning. He may be contacted via info@lifeforce-herbs.co.uk

Articles by Howell Lewis

  1. Case Study Issue 113: Cat Allergy Alleviated with Reishi

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    In this article, the author presents the positive effect of Reishi on his 54 year-old brother who was suffering from cat allergy since his 20s. His symptoms included prickly eyes th...

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