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Helen Fullerton BSc. MSc. PhD campaigns on nutritional, animal welfare issues and others such as organo-phosphate poisoning, challenging flawed and corrupted science. She Learned homeopathy and the importance of trace element nutrition from my dairy cows, calves and sucklers. She urges unresponsive bodies such as MAFF (Defra) that our farm animals could resist TB and other diseases if trace elements were restored to our depleted soils. Her academic qualifications include a BSc in chemistry, PhD in agricultural chemistry. She has lectured on Soil Science at Glasgow University for 12 years. She can be reached on Tel: 01269 831 752; hf1000000@hotmail.com

Articles by Helen Fullerton

  1. EU Directives - Health Protection Double Speak

    Listed in nutrition

    Helen Fullerton looks at three Directives that the EU is forcing through in the guise of consumer protection: the Food Supplements Directive, the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Produc...

  2. Ways to Protect ourselves and the animals in our care from BSE-like diseases

    Listed in environmental

    Dr Fullerton discusses and puts forward her views and ways to protect ourselves and the animals in our care from BSE-like diseases.

  3. Organophosphate Poisoning

    Listed in environmental

    Six cases of organophosphate (OP) poisoning have come my way since August. During the very hot spell many people were spraying their pets and furniture against fleas. Most of them u...

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