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Gordon Smith has been active in radionics for over twenty-five years. A past Chairman of The Radionic Association, he has served on many committees and been involved in many projects in health care. He is founder of The Maperton Trust and The Radionic & Radiesthesia Trust and is currently Co-ordinator of the Confederation of Radionic & Radiesthesic Organisations, has a busy practice and is immersed in research using technology to help the health of people, animals, crops and the soil. He can be contacted at Tel: 01963 32651; Fax: 01963 32626 or email Maperton@aol.com.

Articles by Gordon Smith

  1. Radionics in the IT Era

    Listed in energy medicine

    Major Smith is the founder of the Maperton Trust and the Radionics and Radiesthesia Trust. Radionics, a diagnostic system using energy, was developed in the 1920s by Dr Albert Abram...

  2. The Maperton Trust

    Listed in energy medicine

    In relation to health the concept of holism requires one to take into account not only the symptoms expressed by the individual but the affect on the individual of his whole life si...

Book reviews by Gordon Smith

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