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Gill Jacobs MSc Dip Clin Hyp NLP Coach GQHP M.AMT is a Health Writer, and blogger, trained in Hypnotherapy and EFT. She also runs a business in Low Level Laser Light. She discovered the power of concentrated light when searching for help for her mother's symptoms from MS, and set up Light for Health in order to change attitudes to light and its ability to heal, through product sales and education. She is excited by the potential of low level laser energy to bridge the gap between complementary/alternative and conventional drug-based medicine. To this end she promotes the work of Dr Nicholas Wise DC, who uses light on the cranium, for addictions and emotional issues, as well as structural problems. As a pioneering Health Writer on medical conditions which were initially misunderstood and ignored by mainstream medicine (Candidiasis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), she is now even more passionate about the role of food in health. For this she thanks the work of the Weston A. Price Foundation and its promotion of healthy fats, grass fed meat, healthy soil, fermented foods and raw milk.  After introducing fermented foods into her diet, and seeing the difference in her health, Gill now puts on workshops on fermented foods, at her home in North London, and elsewhere when invited.

Gill set up her blog http://wiseuptohealth.com as a way to inspire others to take up habits for health as we grow older. Having to hold back with friends who were getting sick, but who were resistant to food based solutions, and natural health, was the impetus she needed to ‘write it down’, even if they choose not to read/follow it. In the end, her philosophy is founded on a view that health is our birth right, along with good genes. Maintaining it should not be an effort to ‘do it all’ but an integral and effortless part of life, involving how we nourish ourselves, our bodies and our minds.

Gill may be contacted via www.lightforhealth.co.uk    www.wiseuptohealth.com

Articles by Gill Jacobs

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