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Gerry Pyves MA (Oxon) TAP(ITA) Dip TM(CHM)  PGCE is a qualified transactional analysis psychotherapist and the founder and originator of NO HANDS® Massage. Gerry has been a freelance bodyworker for over 25 years during which time he has developed NO HANDS Massage, an advanced bodywork approach that not only helps practitioners overcome injuries but provides a deeper, more powerful experience for the client. He has also developed The Fairy Tale Process™ which provides training in personal and life  transformation as well as writing a number of books including the world’s first novel about Massage, Mavis and I… Gerry travels internationally giving live treatments and explaining the principles behind his work. Gerry may be contacted on enquiries@nohandsmassage.com or more information can be found about NO HANDS Massage at  www.nohandsmassage.com

Articles by Gerry Pyves

  1. No-Hands Massage

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    Gerry Pyves describes how pain in his hands and wrists did not stop him from continuing with his massage practice. Instead, he developed the injury-free No-Hands Massage technique, ...

  2. Critical Bodywork Advice for Massage Practitioners

    Listed in massage

    This is a follow-up to the article Gerry Pyves wrote for Positive Health four years ago in which he launched NO HANDS massage. Since then, the technique has become the fastest growi...

Book reviews by Gerry Pyves

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