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Dr. George Roth, BSc, DC, ND the originator of Matrix Repatterning, has been involved in the study and development of advanced health care systems for over 25 years. He is a published author and has lectured extensively at universities, physical medicine symposia and clinical workshops. He can be contacted at his clinic in Ontario, Canada. Address: 16567 Albion Tr., RR4 Tottenham, Ontario L0G 1W0, Canada. Tel: 001 905-880-0101; Fax: 001 905-880-0650; info@WellnessSystems.com www.MatrixRepatterning.com

Articles by George B Roth

  1. Matrix Repatterning(tm) - The Structural Basis of Health

    Listed in bodywork

    In this authoritative feature, Dr. George Roth, the originator of Matrix Repatterning, explains how symptoms, especially in chronic conditions, are often the result of the compensat...

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