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Gary Jackson is 43 years old and holds a BSc degree in Maths. He lives and works as a business consultant in London. He has suffered from atopic eczema and asthma since birth. Atopy has wreaked a psychological toll on him and other sufferers, and he vowed to himself 20 years ago to get to the bottom of this vexed disease by researching the science of atopy, most of which has advanced exponentially during the research into AIDS in the past decade. Gary Jackson can be reached on grjack@rocketmail.com

Articles by Gary Jackson

  1. Atopic Eczema - Help for Sufferers

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    The itch, the scratch, wet bandages covering the skin, cotton mittens, low self-esteem, exasperated parents, creams and lotions, hopelessness, sleepless nights, spells in hospital a...

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