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Free Soul have developed and produced a range of supplements, capsules and blends - all specifically designed to support the unique needs of the female body. But, it’s not all about products. We offer support, insight, tips, guidance and informative and educational content across our social platforms, to build our global community that advocates women’s wellness. Please contact them via hello@herfreesoul.com   https://herfreesoul.com 

Articles by Free Soul

  1. Nature’s Healer: 5 Ways That Going Vegan Could Help with Managing Menopause Symptoms

    Listed in women's health

    With plant-based diets now being linked to reduced menopausal symptoms, nutrition experts Free Soul have analysed the most unexpected ways that going vegan could support women exper...

  2. Women Sleep Worse Than Men – 4 Ways You Can Combat Insomnia Right Now

    Listed in sleep and insomnia

    The differing health needs of women are becoming more widely recognised. From adjusting our food intake around our menstrual cycle to our differing hormones, a lot of areas of our h...

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