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Emma Holly ScarWork Therapist; Restore Therapy is a massage therapist running a small private practice in Harpenden, Hertfordshire where she lives with her family. Emma originally trained in massage in 1993, throughout her career she has enjoyed learning new techniques to bring diversity to her clients. Having studied ScarWork in Edinburgh in April 2015 Emma is now dedicating time to promoting this therapy which she has seen make remarkable changes to individuals and would like to see adopted as a scar treatment widely available across the UK by complimentary practitioners and physiotherapists. She may be contacted via info@restoretherapy.co.uk    www.scarworktreatments.com        www.facebook.com/scarworktreatmentsuk        www.youtube.com/channel/UCKTmol6ht8WLl3qMH-4a_1A

Articles by Emma Holly

  1. ScarWork Treatment - Holistic Approach to Integrating Scar Tissue

    Listed in massage

    A new holistic therapy has reached the UK for treating scars caused by accidents or surgery. This therapy, called ScarWork can be used on both new and very old scar tissue with grea...

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