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Elizabeth Montgomery Dip NN MBANT NTCC is a London-based Holistic Nutritional Therapist who has been studying and exploring; nutrition, eastern medicine, astrology and medicine way healing practices for many years. To arrange a private consultation please contact Elizabeth via www.holisticnutrition.co.uk

Articles by Elizabeth Montgomery

  1. Demystifying ‘Detox’: What it Is and What it Isn’t

    Listed in detoxification

    Toxicity is a major concern for everyone. Given the current state of our planet and increased coverage from mainstream media, people are rightly becoming concerned with the way in w...

  2. Food Combining Wisdom for Greater Health

    Listed in colon health

    Recent research has shown that over the last few decades there is a significant rise in digestive disorders due to ever changing dietary habits. As a result, there are now many popu...

Book reviews by Elizabeth Montgomery

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