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Dr Tomasz Kopec is a General Practitioner with ten years experience.  From the very beginning of his medical career he has had an interest in dealing with a wide range of psychological problems including stress, phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, PTSD, OCD. He believes that many physical disorders (e.g. a fast heart rate, palpitations, feeling sick, shaking (tremour), sweating, dry mouth, chest pain, headaches) originate in peoples minds and that the most appropriate treatment for these disorders is healing the mind.

A part of Dr Kopec’s medical development was devoted to looking for new ways of giving people relief from their psychological problems during ten minute appointments. This search led him to enrol in Open Focus training at Dr Les Fehmi’s clinic in Princeton, USA. He found Open Focus techniques very effective and Open Focus theory truly based on scientific research of brain activity.

As a Certified Open Focus Trainer Dr Tomasz Kopec has already created many exercises based on Open Focus theory. Dr Tomasz Kopec already has a large group of trainees successfully applying Open Focus skills to their lives. You can see his website here www.openfocustraining.co.uk/main.html

Articles by Dr Tomasz Kopec

  1. The Dissolving Anxiety Exercise - an Innovative Approach to Anxiety

    Listed in stress

    Most of our behaviours, decisions, opinions are triggered by gentle physical feelings in the body which we feel and recognise in flash. It happens so quickly that we do not usually ...

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