About Dr Sidney MacDonald Baker, MD

Dr Baker is a practising physician in Weston, Connecticut, with a special interest in the environmental and biochemical aspects of chronic health problems, both in children and in adults. He has published many books, the most recent being Detoxification and Healing: the Key to Optimal Health (Keats Publishing Inc, 1997). In the forward to this thorough yet very accessible guide to the subject Dr Jeffrey Bland describes Dr Baker as "a master teacher in the field of functional medicine and the practice of good medicine".

Articles by Dr Sidney MacDonald Baker, MD

  1. Eliminating and IgG Food Allergy Testing

    Listed in allergy testing

    Dr Baker points out how much of our time is spent in ridding our bodies of unwanted substances, i.e. forms of detoxification. Though orthodox medicine gives little time to it, nutri...

Book reviews by Dr Sidney MacDonald Baker, MD

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