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Dr Shamim Daya BM DRCOG is a General Practitioner with a special interest in addressing patient's health issues more holistically. She qualified in 1985 from Southampton University with further qualifications in General Practice and a diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. It was whilst working as a GP in a NHS group practice in Richmond, between 1991-1994, that she felt a strong need to explore and add the concept of a more 'wholistic' approach to her conventional and basic medical training. In addition to being a 'wholistic minded' General Practitioner, seeing men, women and children, her main areas of interest are women's health issues and in the power of using food as medicine. Dr Shamim Daya may be contacted at The Wholistic Medical Centre on Tel: 07000 388 388; info@wholisticmedical.co.uk; www.wholisticmedical.co.uk

Articles by Dr Shamim Daya

  1. An Integrated Approach to 21st Century Medicine

    Listed in integrated medicine

    The author takes an integrated approach to 21st century medicine with the view that it encourages us to see a far bigger picture of who and what we are and the many different factor...

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