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After qualifying as a Medical GP, a Holistic Therapist and working in the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, Dr Samanta-Laughton MBBS Dip Bio-Energy  began a quest to highlight the links between science and spiritual ideas. This has culminated in the publication of Punk Science: Inside the Mind of God by O-books in which she highlights the emergence of a new scientific vision. She is a popular lecturer and has participated in various television documentaries including for the BBC, C4 and Sky and been interviewed by The Guardian, the Sunday Express and others. She lives in Buxton, England and may be contacted via info@punkscience.com; www.punkscience.com

Articles by Dr Samanta-Laughton

  1. Evidence-based Medicine - The Paradigm Split

    Listed in evidence

    The author explores the arguments of the high priests of healthcare, the double standards that exist with orthodox and complementary systems and have an overview of the changing sci...

Book reviews by Dr Samanta-Laughton

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