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Dr Richard Halvorsen is a GP practising in Central London. After qualifying as a doctor in London in 1982, he studied traditional Chinese acupuncture. More recently he has studied different methods of acupuncture, and has visited China to learn how it is used there today. He is a member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society and, like other members, advocates the practice of evidence-based acupuncture. He offers acupuncture to his NHS patients without charge, and privately to others. He can be contacted at: The Holborn Medical Centre, 64 Lambs Conduit Street, London WC1N 3LW. Tel: 0171-405 3541, Fax: 0171-404 8198.

Articles by Dr Richard Halvorsen

  1. Acupuncture: East Meets West

    Listed in acupuncture

    Some practitioners in the West have questioned the necessity of practising acupuncture exclusively as traditionally taught. Are there other ways of using it that could be equally or...

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