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Dr Masha Finn has held positions as a senior clinician within the NHS and is an experienced Consultant in Emergency Medicine for over a decade. Masha is the private healthcare Lead Doctor for Sussex Police, working to improve safety in custody. She has a depth of experience in managing change within complex situations and an ability to bring disparate partners together to achieve common goals. She is passionate about delivering high-value services to our members and brings a strategic vision to the board from a medical viewpoint. She is Vice-Chair Trustee of MedicAlert and may be contacted via Tel: 01908 951045:  info@medicalert.org.uk  https://www.medicalert.org.uk/

Articles by Dr Masha Finn

  1. Availability of Healthcare Information in an Emergency and the Importance of a Medical ID

    Listed in medical conditions

    We never know when a medical emergency may strike so preparing for one is the best way to safe guard ourselves and our  loved ones. It's not about worrying unnecessarily, it’s about...

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