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Dr Mark Atkinson is an integrated medical doctor and one of the UK's leading experts in mind-body medicine. He is the founder and director of The British College of Integrated Medicine, Chairman of the British Society of Integrated Medicine and author of bestselling book The Mind-Body Bible. His area of clinical expertise is in drug-free approaches to depression, anxiety, addictions and women's health challenges. He can be contacted via his website www.drmarkatkinson.com or by phone on 0845 0945452

Articles by Dr Mark Atkinson

  1. EMF Protective Devices

    Listed in environmental

    The author, a medical physician, vice president of the Complementary Medical Association, and developer of the Optimum Health Coaching System, looks at the detrimental effects of el...

  2. Integrated Medicine - Philosophy and Clinical Practice

    Listed in integrated medicine

    This article focuses on Integrated Medicine, which the author says, is the Medicine of the New Millennium that is here to stay, but still not easy to define as there is no universal...

Book reviews by Dr Mark Atkinson

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