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Dr Lourdès Reig is currently Manager of the Department of scientific documentation of the group "LABO'LIFE" España S.A.- Majorca. She graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1985 at the University of Alicante (Spain). She passed diplomas including CES of Sports Medicine, CES in Medical Hydrology and Master in Dietetics and Nutrition in Paul Sabatier University of Toulouse (France). She also passed a Master in Food Chemistry at the Instituto Quimico de Sarrià in Barcelona (Spain) and a Certificate in Dietetics and Nutrition at the University of Balears (Spain). After working as free-lance Medical Writer and Medical Training Manager in Spain, she worked as medical practitioner in the hemodialysis department of the Nephrology Center of the Balearic Islands. Furthermore she participated in the 63rd Congress of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica in Oostende (Belgium) in May 2008 as speaker with the conference “Model of a formulation development in Micro-Immunotherapy applied to multiple sclerosis”. She also participated in the 69th Congress of the Liga Medicorum Homeopathica in Paris in July 2014 as speaker with a conference based on “Immunoregulation and Therapeutic Synergy”. Dr Reig may be contacted via lourdes.reig@labolife.com  www.labolife.info

Articles by Dr Lourdès Reig

  1. Stress and Ageing: The Micro-Immunotherapy Approach

    Listed in immune function

    Stress has considerable effects on the immune function. Recent studies have suggested that the aging of the immune system (or immunosenescence) is, in part, closely linked to psycho...

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