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Dr Kartar Badsha, MSc, Cchem, MRSC, MAE, is Managing Director of the Environmental Law Centre (Elc) and has been assisting people for over 26 years. Elc was established as a charity which through its programme of HELP (Health, Environment, Law for People) is raising funds for an Environmental Illness Clinic. In addition to assisting individuals or communities in self-help strategies, Elc also disseminates medical and legal information for the public. This year Elc is highlighting the problems associated with MCS and intends to hold a conference in 2002. Elc is developing a fully resourced Centre to ensure that no one is denied environmental justice or access to information in all matters relating to the environment or health through lack of means. Fortunately Elc has a network of independent experts and organizations that can provide informed advice and information concerning legal, scientific, technical, planning and medical issues. Elc further aims to remove the difficulty usually encountered by individuals, or whole communities, in obtaining informed, objective and independent legal, scientific, medical and planning advice or assistance. The need and desperation among the people who come to Elc are often acute, as they have usually exhausted all other mainstream medicine, as well as other alternative or complementary medicine treatments that hav also drained them of their financial resources. Elc can be contacted by writing to PO Box 267, Southport, PR8 1WD; ksb@elc.org.uk www.elc.org.uk

Articles by Dr Kartar Badsha

  1. Environmental Sickness, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

    Listed in environmental

    In this important feature, the author highlights the plight of the ever-increasing number of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) sufferers, and discusses the findings of authoritati...

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