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Dr Henry Mahncke got his PhD in Neuroscience at the University of California, San Francisco [UCSF] in the Merzenich Lab, which discovered the brain remains “plastic” – capable of chemical, structural and functional change – at any age. Then, at the request of his academic mentor, Dr Mahncke led a global team in harnessing that plasticity through the computerized brain exercises found in the BrainHQ app, which is produced by Posit Science, where he is the CEO. BrainHQ can be found at brainhq.com

Articles by Dr Henry Mahncke

  1. How Seasonal Change and Time Changes Mess With our Brains

    Listed in light and colour

    As we learned in school at a young age, the longest and shortest days of daylight come each June and December – with the extremes of darkness and daylight of these Winter and Summer...

  2. What Neuroscience Teaches Us About Nurturing You and Your Brain as You Age

    Listed in neurological and neurodegenerative

    I’ve spent the last three decades as a brain scientist on the front lines of revolutionary work in understanding what happens to the brain as an organ as it faces ageing and other v...

Book reviews by Dr Henry Mahncke

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