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Dr Helle Steenberg Skov, Dentist General Practitioner DSOI AACD was educated from Åarhus Dental school in 1989 .  She owns a practice in Vejle , in the southern part of Jutland, Denmark. Mother of 3 (more or less ) grown children . She is a Member of  the Danish Dental Association, the DSOI and the AACD. Dr Steenberg Skov worked from January 1990 until September 1995 in Sweden, in a large public dental clinic under an extraordinary chief who encouraged  her curiosity and thirst for new knowledge. Back in Denmark in 1995, she worked for two different dental practices, had her third child in 1997, and worked as the barracks dentist for a local army branch in southern Jutland until she bought her first dental practice in 1998. In 2000 she opened a rather large new practice with 3 other dentists in the same town, until she decided to build and open a solo practice in 2009, where she is still practising.  It was here the story with SensiStop began... Dr  Steenberg C Skov  may be contacted via  mail@detgladesmil.sk      www.detgladesmil.dk  https://sensistop.dk/?language=en

Articles by Dr Helle Steenberg Skov

  1. SensiStop a Pilot Study

    Listed in dentistry

    SensiStop! Homeopathic Remedy Clinical Improvement in Periodontitis. It is funny how the most interesting discoveries are often made by coincidence! I am a dentist, and I own a prac...

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