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Dr Heli Goode MD ND ARH SOH TCM specialised in Ear, Nose & Throat surgery in her native Estonia before starting her complementary practice in England nearly 20 years ago. She integrates naturopathy, homoeopathy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and traditional Chinese Medicine. She is available for consultations from her clinics in Leicester and Harley Street, London. Dr Goode is a lecturer for holistic medicinal practices and may be contacted on Tel: 07891 966761;  heligoode@yahoo.co.uk

Articles by Dr Heli Goode

  1. Obesity - A Modern, Mismanaged & Misunderstood Malady

    Listed in weight loss

    Obesity is a growing and serious health concern that has, by now, reached epidemic proportions, mostly in the Westernised world. Increased consumption of unhealthy food, coupled wit...

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