About Dr Gabriel (Gabi) Zeilig & Prof Remi Guibert

Dr Gabriel (Gabi) Zeilig graduated from the University of Milan Medical School, in Italy. Since 1999 Dr Zeilig has been the director of the Department of Neurological Rehabilitation at the Chaim Sheba Medical Centre, Tel Hashomer, Israel. His main field of interest is rehabilitation of patients with neurological disabilities, such as spinal cord and brain injuries. He can be contacted on zgavriel@post.tau.ac.il; gavriel.zeilig@sheba.health.gov.il Prof Remi Guibert graduated from the University of Montreal in Medicine and from McGill University in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. He has been Associate professor at the University of Montreal, McGill University in Canada and at Monash University in Australia. He is currently Chief Medical adviser for Nutech Health in Melbourne, Australia and can be contacted on guibert@bigpond.net.au

Articles by Dr Gabriel (Gabi) Zeilig & Prof Remi Guibert

  1. Terra Quant Device for Shoulder Pain Double Blind Trial

    Listed in energy medicine

    This article discloses the results of a randomised double-blind controlled trial, designed to test whether TerraQuant is more effective than a sham device among hemiplegic and spina...

Book reviews by Dr Gabriel (Gabi) Zeilig & Prof Remi Guibert

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