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Dr David Smallbone M.B., CH.B., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., M.F.Hom., F.C.O.H. Senior Medical Advisor and Senior Lecturer in Medical Sciences to the College of Natural Nutrition.

Articles by Dr DF Smallbone

  1. What is an Allergy?

    Listed in allergies

    A true allergy reaction is a body response to a specific allergen, some basic chemical structure to which the body’s reactive processes are triggered.

  2. The Arthroses An overview including dietary guidance

    Listed in arthritis

    The arthroses is a collective term for ALL forms of arthritis, whatever their source of origin and cause. There are many various forms of arthritis with many different causes. The w...

  3. The Menopause: Metamorphosis Begins in the Womb

    Listed in women's health

    Like most things in life, the menopause is not a simple change; it is the most incredible series of interlinked events, culminating in an organism that will work with a very differe...

  4. Requirements for Proper Absorption

    Listed in colon health

    Although the gastro-intestinal tract is not the only way that materials have of entering our body, it is the most usual and direct route for our nutritional requirements to be satis...

  5. A Guide to Supplementation within Health and Complementary Medicine

    Listed in nutrition

    In the best of all possible worlds, supplementation is not necessary. Unfortunately, we do not live in the best of all possible worlds. We live in a far from natural world and the m...

  6. Nutrition

    Listed in symposium - menopause

    I would like to introduce the next speaker, Dr David Smallbone who is a GP, homoeopath and nutritional physician and who also specialises in the treatment of menopausal problems, in...

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