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Dr Deepika Rodrigo, BAMS is one of the few qualified Ayurvedic physicians from her native Sri Lanka. She has studied Ayurveda for seven years and holds a degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from the University of Colombo. She worked in the Ayurvedic Government Hospital in Colombo before coming to the UK. Dr Deepika has been practising Ayurvedic medicine for many years and runs successful Ayurvedic practices in London and Surrey. Dr Deepika is also the principal lecturer of the International Institute of Ayurveda, which is offering a three-year diploma course in Ayurveda. Other courses that are available are: Ayurvedic Head and Body Massage and Ayurvedic Beauty Therapy. Details of all courses can be obtained from her at The International Institute of Ayurveda, The Ayurvedic Clinic, 172 Brighton Rd, Purley, Surrey CR8 4HA. Tel/Fax: 0208 4054407; Mobile: 07961 446251; ayur.veda@virgin.net

Articles by Dr Deepika Rodrigo

  1. Panchakarma - Ayurvedic Science of Rejuvenation and Detoxification

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    Pancha (five) Karma (action) is an Ayurvedic therapy that aims to cleanse the body of toxins and reduce or eliminate the build up of excess doshas in the body. It is based on the be...

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