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Dr Bruno Roque Cignacco PhD studied Metaphysics for more than 17 years. He is a well-known author, Master Life Coach and certified NLP Master Practitioner. He is also the author of How to Become a Miracle-worker with Your Life. Steps to Use the Almighty Ancient Technique of Ho' oponopono (Zero  Books, 2015). He is the author of the book How to Manifest Money Effortlessly. Techniques to be more prosperous (Zero Books,  2013). This book has been published in several languages, such as Italian and Korean, among others. He is the author of several business books. He is an international speaker, university professor and business consultant. He has delivered countless talks, seminars and conferences in several countries. You can get some valuable free gifts on his website   www.iaminfiniteabundance.com

Articles by Dr Bruno Roque Cignacco

  1. How to Become a Miracle-Maker with your Life - Steps to Use the Almighty Ho’oponopono

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    Ho’oponopono is a very old tool, which in its modern version, is based on some valuable principles such as: repentance, forgiveness, love and gratefulness. The term "Ho'oponopono" i...

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