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David Noton, PhD, is a Director of The Forest Institute, a non-profit organisation based in California, which conducts research and publishes information in the area of mind-brain-body interaction and development. Address: The Forest Institute, 2 Queens Lane, Petaluma CA 94952, USA. Telephone: US 707-765-3348 UK 0958 543 858. www.lightmask.com/what_is_lt.htm

Articles by David Noton, Ph.D.

  1. Photic Stimulation - Novel Light Treatment Proves Very Effective

    Listed in women's health

    Fifteen minutes a day of home treatment with flickering light has been shown to be remarkably effective for PMS, migraine, and a variety of other stubborn disorders.

  2. Light Therapy for Migraine

    Listed in light and colour

    Can light really be a treatment for migraine? For many migraine sufferers light is the last thing they look to for relief; when a migraine strikes, they typically retreat to a dark...

  3. A Bright future for Light Therapy

    Listed in light and colour

    In July of this year (1998), when the summer sun was striving bravely to overcome a dark and rainy English spring, a group of researchers and physicians, leavened by a goodly crew o...

Book reviews by David Noton, Ph.D.

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