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David Lauterstein LMT MTI Cert. ZB Co-founder of The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin, Texas, has been a renowned teacher and author since 1984 and teaches Deep Massage and Zero Balancing throughout the US, at the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy, and in the UK at the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork.  He has his private practice in Austin at Creekside Whole Health Center at 1209 Parkway, Austin Tx 78703. David is author of The Deep Massage Book: How to Combine Structure and Energy in Bodywork (Order from Amazon USA and in UK through Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork - enquiries@bristolmassage.co.uk and Life in the Bones: A Biography of Dr. Fritz Smith and Zero Balancing, published in 2017 by Upledger Productions (available in the UK through info@zerobalancinguk.org).  His latest book is distributed as the content of a new on-line continuing education course, "The Art of Massage: Ways of Touching" https://www.tlcmassageschool.com/online-ce-the-art-of-massage-ways-of-touching/.  David may be contacted via +1 512-785-3156;  DavidL@TLCschool.com    hello@david-lauterstein.com   www.TLCschool.com  and www.david-lauterstein.com

Articles by David Lauterstein

  1. Deep Massage: A New Step in the Evolution of Bodywork

    Listed in massage

    The art and science of meeting through touch is what is represented in Deep Massage. It establishes a new clarity in bodywork. Equally as important, like much of the wisdom imbedd...

  2. Deeper Massage – Zero Balancing The Body’s Energy and Structure

    Listed in zero balancing

    I had been practicing and then teaching Deep Massage – The Lauterstein Method - for four years when I first met Dr Fritz Smith, the founder of Zero Balancing. At the time, I had tr...

  3. 7 Reflections on Art and Touch

    Listed in bodywork

    Having been an artist, working first in music, then in bodywork, for now for over 50 years, I have met many wrestlers - clients wrestling with their lives, students, teachers, and t...

  4. Notes on Hope and Hopelessness

    Listed in psychospiritual

    “There is an infinite amount of hope in the universe…but not for us.” ~ Franz Kafka That Kafka quote has pissed me off for about fifty years. Of course, Kafka may have been speak...

  5. The Poetics of Touch

    Listed in bodywork

    A philosopher/poet much admired by Ida Rolf, the great innovator in modern bodymind therapy, was Gaston Bachelard. One day I was reading his “Poetics of Reverie” and was struck, l...

  6. The Sacrum - Anatomy of its Structure and Energy

    Listed in anatomy and physiology

    The spine is naturally curved. The curves of spine enable us to support 10 times the weight than if it were straight. We are born in kyphosis – the primary curve is exemplified in...

  7. Can Massage And Bodymind Learning Ease Inflammation In The Body Politic?

    Listed in massage

    A few days after the US presidential election – which, no matter which side one was on, issued in a tumultuous time – one of my local therapist friends said what was needed was ‘a ...

  8. GRACE - in Massage, Music, Art and Life

    Listed in massage

    Aldous Huxley described three forms of grace: animal grace, human grace, and spiritual grace. We cannot proceed as a society without all these forms of grace. Graceful movement, gra...

  9. The Memory Palace of Bones – Exploring Embodiment through the Skeletal System

    Listed in bodywork

    I am excited to announce a forthcoming book authored by myself and Dr Jeff Rockwell. Its title is The Memory Palace of Bones with the subtitle exploring embodiment through the skele...

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