About David Ash and Dr Liesbeth Ash

David Ash, author and nutrition graduate of London University, began making mineral supplements in 1964. Liesbeth Ash, graduate in medicine at Otago University in New Zealand was the first holistic medical practitioner in Nelson. They travel internationally teaching and writing on the importance of nutrition supplementation for optimum health. David and Liesbeth Ash are independently associated with USANA. They have chosen this range of nutritional supplements because the formulations are science based, balanced, bioavailable and potency guaranteed. For more information phone: 0117 923 2303.

Articles by David Ash and Dr Liesbeth Ash

  1. The Real Health Risk Is NOT Taking Antioxidants

    Listed in antioxidants

    ...the further up the ladder of exertion you go, it’s often good practice to help your body to function at a more optimum level by using a few natural food supplements. No su...

Book reviews by David Ash and Dr Liesbeth Ash

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