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Damien Mearns’ current main activity is a computer programmer. He treats scoliosis in the evening & at weekends - the aim being not to make a living out of it (I may go full time one day) but to get this treatment used as the main treatment for bad backs of all types across the globe. He focuses on scoliosis because of his own history and also because it is very visible and so easy to demonstrate its use.

Once established for Scoliosis, the other things the Advanced Spinal Mobilization Instrument (ASMI) can achieve can them be looked at: Sciatica & other back pain (this is the BBC cameraman /body guard for Martin Bell & Kate Aide when they covered the war in Bosnia. He damaged his back out there and ... ASMI fixes 20 years of Sciatica in Three Goes

Articles by Damien Mearns

  1. Retrospective Study Comparing Surgery for Scoliosis against the Non-Surgical ASMI Treatment

    Listed in back pain

    The aim of this study was to investigate what the impact of surgery for scoliosis on the reduction of the curve is compared to the non-Surgical ASMI treatment (ASMI – Advanced Spina...

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