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Cynthia Alves is a qualified flower essence practitioner and has been teaching flower essences for 15 years. She is also secretary to Peter Russell, international philosopher and futurist who writes about healing the spiritual roots of our global crises. Cynthia is based in Somerset and is passionate about her allotment garden. She is developing her vibrational essence, co-creative and energetic work in cleansing workplaces and homes. She can be contacted at e-mail: cynthia@peterussell.com

Articles by Cynthia Alves

  1. The Many Uses Of Flower Essences

    Listed in flower essences

    The author, a certified essence practitioner, explains the history and meaning of flower essences and describes some of the myriad ways in which they can be used for physical, menta...

  2. Understanding Flower Essences

    Listed in flower essences

    This article takes both a scientific and more spiritual look at the use of flower essences, which are neither essential oils extracted from the plants nor homeopathic, but rather vi...

  3. Holidays or High Holy Days

    Listed in retreats and travel

    An inspirational article encouraging readers to plan and take soul-restoring holidays - not just to get away from it all which inevitably results in bringing along the tape-loop min...

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