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Catherine graduated from the London School of Aromatherapy in 1995 has run her small but successful practice for over six years. She has a Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and has attended workshops in reflexology, homeopathy, bodywork and aromatherapy. An extension to her practice is the Pure Purple Product line of lotions, gels, creams, balms and lip glosses. She can be reached on Fax: 0131 662 9933; inharmony@btinternet.com; www.in-harmony.net

Articles by Catherine M Crawford

  1. Mercury Amalgam Fillings - Removal & Detoxification

    Listed in dentistry

    Catherine Crawford, an aromatherapist with a diploma in nutritional medicine, describes how, at the age of 46, she decided to seek help from a sympathetic dentist to remove her amal...

  2. Case Study Issue 87: Allopathic Medicine is Killing my Parents

    Listed in medical conditions

    Catherine Crawford, is qualified in aromatherapy and nutrition, and is currently studying Australian Bush Flower Essences. She describes the case of her elderly parents who are both...

  3. A Choice of Treatment for the Heart

    Listed in heart

    Over the past four years, Catherine Crawford, an Aromatherapy practitioner, has experienced arrhythmia of the heart. In July 2002, while having to wait for a doctor appointment, sh...

  4. Oases of Calm

    Listed in meditation

    This article focuses on the importance of quiet time, especially in today environment where the levels of stress we experience create problems such as headaches, skin irritations, s...

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