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Catherine Dixon BA(Hons) RSA Dip HPD NLPPrac MNCH  is Coach, Trainer, Workshop Leader, Writer and Presenter with over 25 years experience in the field of personal development. She is known for encouraging clients to establish an inspiring, authentic life vision that incorporates a sustainable work-life balance. Her work is based on her knowledge and experience of business, sales and marketing, training, learning systems, personal development strategies, psychology, health practices, hypnotherapy, NLP, psychotherapeutic interventions and meditation. She may be contacted via Tel: 0208 748 2426; info@energyroots.co.uk www.energyroots.co.uk

Articles by Catherine Dixon

  1. Case Study Issue 126: Versatility of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Applications

    Listed in eft

    This column focuses on the effectiveness of EFT which falls under a group of therapies known as Meridian Energy Therapies (MET) which is sometimes also known as Energy Psychology. M...

  2. Chi Kung and New Meridian Energies Synergy

    Listed in chi energy martial arts

    Meridian Energy Therapies provide Chi Kung with a new context and practical relevance. This article focuses on the association between Chi Kung and Meridian Energy Therapies (which ...

  3. Self Leadership and Vision: The Power of Future Life Progression

    Listed in mind matters

    Great leaders lead from the heart. Very often their vision is created out of great need or extraordinary conditions that demand change. Their vision is rarely founded on rehashing t...

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