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Caroline Freedman is a London based Personal Trainer and TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training exercise professional with 26 years’ experience of training clients.  She specialises in Spinal Health including Scoliosis.  Caroline has had three scoliosis and rib removal surgeries, aged 20, 22 and 48.  She was asked to write The Scoliosis Handbook of Safe and Effective Exercises Pre and Post Surgery by Liz Bord, Senior Exercise Specialist, Aspire Leisure Centre, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH), Stanmore UK to help guide people to understand which exercises are safe and which to avoid with the condition.  Caroline is also a health writer and is passionate about raising awareness of scoliosis.  She has two children, her daughter wore a brace at 15 which straightened her spine. Caroline may be contacted via Scoliosis Association UK (SAUK) Tel: 020 8964 1166; info@sauk.org.uk   https://sauk.org.uk/your-stories/caroline-freedman/

Articles by Caroline Freedman

  1. What is Menopause Doing to my Spine?

    Listed in bodywork

    Scoliosis is not just a teenage issue.  Menopause can also play havoc with our spines.  Caroline Freedman, a Personal Trainer and author of The Scoliosis Handbook discusses how scol...

  2. Starting School with a Hidden Illness

    Listed in bodywork

    First day back to school is always exciting for children, students and parents. There is so much to organise, such as uniforms, sports kits and the dreaded shoe shop. This all adds ...

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