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Carol Rose Adkisson is a Transformational Coach, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #83484 in California, United States. She has written and published online a comprehensive Guide Everything You Need to Know (Including What Your Doctor Might Not Be Telling You….. Carol specializes in a number of areas including Anxiety-Fine Tuned skills; Depression-Creating a happier life; Bariatric surgery Evaluations/Treatment; www.recoveringmylife.net ; Couples: Simple plan to renew your relationship; 12 step recovery 34+ years background, Trauma Treatments, EMDR, etc. Her goal is to create systems that are effective and compassionate. Carol may be contacted on Tel: +1 (909) 693-3177;  email@caroladkisson.com   www.caroladkisson.com     www.traumahealingfoundation.com     www.recoveringmylife.net

Articles by Carol Rose Adkisson

  1. The Holistic Approach - Mind, Body, Connection - Including Bariatric Surgery

    Listed in weight loss

    Everyone has a story to share with the world. I have decided to take my authentically stripped down and exposed as a Human. I lost 115 lbs. 8 years ago; it’s taken me this long t...

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