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Bernard Porter graduated with a first-class degree in Linguistics from the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne before setting off to travel around the world. Having an active interest in health and well-being since a young age, this interest has deepened with maturity and he is soon to enrol as a student of Remedial and Sports Massage therapy. He currently works in the media industry, including freelance journalism, and can be contacted at bh.porter@hotmail.com . He also keeps a small short-fiction blog at http://anetiquetteoftea.wordpress.com/

Articles by Bernard Porter

  1. Balanced Body, Balanced Mind: Rolfing - Structural Integration Update

    Listed in bodywork

    Ida Rolf theorized that although humans had evolved to become upright creatures, they were not yet quite upright enough, and that by assisting a person to become more vertical - by ...

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