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BD Basu BSc (Engg)-Mech MBA Dip Export MA (English)  is a native of India and is a Director (Contracts) with an engineering company named Anupam Industries Ltd., Anand, Gujarat, India, looking after the entire range of marketing and contracts' execution. The company is 35 years old and engaged in manufacturing of EOT, Goliath/Gantry, Ladle cranes. Mr Bosu is a member of the Writers Bureau, Manchester UK and a freelance writer writing in various genres namely management, health, spiritual, motivational and novels. He has completed two nonfiction e-books, In Search of Peace and 16 Wisdom to acquire Spiritual Happiness.’ Mr Basu has also written short books of around 7000 words on home furnishing, food and health after getting contracts from www.Guru.com. BD Basu may be contacted via  buddhasweet@gmail.com, anupam@anupamgroup.com  santusweet@yahoo.co.in  www.buddhasweet.blogspot.com   Please view the BD Basu's writings at his Times of India blog www.speakingtree.in/public/buddhadebbose/blog

Articles by BD Basu

  1. Fueling Breakfast To Increase Memory Power

    Listed in nutrition

    The author explains at the end that his recommendations are based on having overcome serious health problems, and that the nutritional principles he sets out are derived from resear...

  2. Veracity of Vicious Disease - Malaria

    Listed in medical conditions

    Malaria is one of the worlds most serious health problems, and is far from being eliminated. The parasite which causes it spend part of its life cycle in the gut of the anopheles mo...

  3. Be Vegetarian

    Listed in vegetarianism

    There are many convincing reasons to become vegetarian. The health benefits of many vegetables are itemised in the article, which also warns us that although meat offers nutritional...

  4. Beat the Heat by Gulping Fruit Infused Water Drink

    Listed in food

    ... Moreover, if you are a health freak and do not want to gulp fizzy cold drinks or sodas, is there any option left to rejuvenate and invigorate your body and mind so that you can...

  5. Sip and Enjoy the Most Nourishing and Healthy Drink

    Listed in food

    To beat the heat of summer, why not to enjoy a mouth-watering drink of apple or basil based composition.

  6. The Art of Forgiveness

    Listed in psychospiritual

    When you are involved in a quarrel, a bitter relationship starts, and you or your opponent will find out an opportunity to humiliate each other. Unless it happens, both the parties ...

  7. Anger Management

    Listed in psychospiritual

    The various obstacles, constraints, catastrophe, calamity and impediments always pervade our life which sometimes even cause blockade in our progress. We try to overcome these barr...

  8. How to Tackle Depression

    Listed in depression

    Some people always feel sad and try to remain aloof. Most of their time, they get influenced by negative thoughts. In the midst of any positive environment, they find nooks and see ...

  9. How to Control Emotion

    Listed in mind matters

    HOW do you define your emotional level? Are you aware that it is a function of your personality? If you perform all your duties and responsibilities starting from wake up to retir...

  10. Is It Practical to Target for Impossible Task?

    Listed in mind matters

    We all raise our hands whenever there is a struggling situation and we need to perform impossible targets. Many a time, some task which may be difficult for you to achieve, but mayb...

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