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Bai Nei Zhang is a scientist working in various fields of applied science, including chemistry and biochemistry. For the past few years, he has suffered from visually disabling cataracts. He feels modern technology should never be allowed to override humanitarian principles in medical treatment. He continues to research the topic in depth so he can help himself and others restore their vision without sacrificing their natural eye lenses to the knife or destruction by laser. He is interested in Western herbs, traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.  From his own experience, he found that these medical systems dating back thousands of years frequently outperform modern medicine, in terms of avoiding crippling surgical procedures, avoiding drugs with risky side-effects, and aiding the human organism to cure itself while retaining its physical and spiritual integrity.  He sees that modern medicine can still play a complementary role.  Biochemistry aids our understanding of herbal medicine so that it can be applied more safely and more effectively. And some non-invasive medical tests can be very useful in determining which herbs or natural treatments to use at any given time. He also enjoys listening to music of all kinds. He may be contacted via  baineizhang999@outlook.com

Articles by Bai Nei Zhang

  1. Cataracts - When a ‘Miracle’ of Modern Surgery wasn’t Needed

    Listed in vision and eye sight

    When it comes to medical treatment, we generally regard surgery as a ‘last resort’. So when it comes to cataracts, why should it be the ‘first and only resort’? Most people think ...

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