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For many years, during her long career Ann Fillmore PhD was an international consultant dealing with victims of violence. As a behavioural scientist, she served as expert witness, worked as a therapist and before retiring, invented the self-help technique: WREMS (www.wakingrem.com).  Now retired, she is busier than ever, teaching Tai Chi and writing. Her mystery novel: Way of Escape is about rescuing women in danger and the sequel is on its way. www.amazon.com/Way-Escape-Ann-Fillmore/dp/0917990986  

As well as continuing her research into emotions and behavioural interactions, she also has become very interested in the development of psychic abilities: The Emerging Psychic  (http://www.positivehealth.com/article/psychospiritual/the-emerging-psychic-exploring-causes-of-paranormal-experiences

For intense adventure, Ann looks into what exists in other realities by heading up a paranormal and historical research team (COAST GHOST Paranormal Research Society  http://curious_country.wakingrem.com).  

Ann Fillmore lives on the central Oregon coast, is an ardent gardener, bird watcher and painter. Her three dogs and several cats allow her to share the old house and garden. She may be contacted via fillmoreann36@gmail.com   or on her Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ann.fillmore.9?ref=tn_tnmn

Articles by Ann Fillmore PhD

  1. Mastering Your Emotions - Waking WREMS State

    Listed in mind matters

    WREMS - Waking REM State is a skill. Not therapy or pop-psych or new age magic - it is a practical tool that allows you direct access to your subconscious mind and the power to call...

  2. Coping with Vestibular (Inner-Ear) Trauma

    Listed in medical conditions

    The author begins by giving a detailed account of the complexities of the vestibular system, one of the most complex sensory centres in the body. As well as being responsible for ou...

  3. The Emerging Psychic – Exploring ‘Causes’ of Paranormal Experiences

    Listed in psychospiritual

    The veil between our solid world and the world of the spirit is thinning. More and more of us are having extraordinary experiences. We are catching evidence on the new digital and f...

  4. The Logic of Emotion

    Listed in mind matters

    Emotions are not deep, dark unfathomable mysteries. You only need some clues to unlock what has been made mysterious into something that makes clear sense.

  5. The Fear Process - Beyond the Initials PTSD

    Listed in mind matters

    When you experience intermittent violence, interspersed with attacks on self-esteem, an abrogation of causality and the perception that the perpetrator has good intentions, this bri...

  6. Health and Societal Consequences of Geoengineering

    Listed in environmental

    Anyone who is outdoors at all has come to the correct conclusion that a science fiction horror is going on above us. It is absolutely essential you go outside and look up. Now. Toda...

  7. Violence Against Women

    Listed in mind matters

    “. . . if my mother, at any point during the ages of five and twelve, picked up a knife or any other weapon against my father, I would have held her hand as she did it. I would have...

  8. Aerosol Experiments Using Lithium and Psychoactive Drugs Over Oregon

    Listed in environmental

    “I can't imagine stratospheric aerosols ever being deployed...You can't test it unless you basically do full-scale deployments...I just can't see the world standing for that. You ...

  9. Affiliative and Bonding Behavior Triggered by Threats Of Violence – The Stockholm Syndrome

    Listed in psychology

    “After it was over and we were safe, I recognized that they (the captors) had put us through hell and had caused my parents and fiancé a great deal of trauma. Yet, I was alive beca...

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