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Angela Caine AGSM LRAM 8 May 193 to 22 July 2011, Deceased. Please see Obituary at

Angela founded and deveoped The Voice Workshop in Southampton. She was a member of Cranio Group, a society for the study of craniomandibular disorders and wrote the first singing based voice exercise programme for children which co-ordinates the development of voice, posture and dentition. She was the author of The Voice Workbook and work tape, published by Hodder Headline in 1991 and wrpte the first chapter on voice to appear in a dental textbook Complementary Therapies in Dentistry published by Butterworth- Heinemann in 1997. She was a performing singer. For more information on programmes of voice please refer to www.voicegym.co.uk

Articles by Angela Caine

  1. Voice - the forgotten fitness factor

    Listed in sound and music

    From a very early age I loved anything to do with music, singing, playing the piano and dancing, so when at 17 I gained a place at a music college where I would be trained as a sing...

  2. Developing Your Voice as Part of Your Treatment Plan

    Listed in sound and music

    The author points out the importance and power of the voice. She describes the development of the voice mechanisms, with special emphasis on the position of the tongue. Between the...

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