About Angela Blaen, BA, Ph.D

Dr Angela Blaen, BA, PhD, is a research fellow at the University of Exeter. She has lectured and examined on many subjects for the Open University and Exeter University and is the author of various books, articles and research papers. She lives in Devon and is currently researching healing of various kinds, shamanism, the applications of dowsing, the historical and modern uses of precious stones, and runes. Other researchers or practitioners interested in such fields can contact her at: drblaen@btinternet.com

Articles by Angela Blaen, BA, Ph.D

  1. Gem Lamp Therapy for Health

    Listed in energy medicine

    Gem lamp therapy represents the union of traditional knowledge regarding the medicinal properties of gemstones with cutting-edge technology for the twenty-first century. The result ...

Book reviews by Angela Blaen, BA, Ph.D

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