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Amy Hodgetts is a copywriter for Mediaworks, a digital marketing agency. A content writer and web content optimiser, Ms Hodgetts has built a strong foundation in writing as a graduate from the University of Glasgow, with an undergraduate MA (Hons) in English Language. Her main areas of focus for her degree course were semantics, pragmatics, and language change throughout history.  She may be contacted via Mediaworks  https://www.mediaworks.co.uk/

Articles by Amy Hodgetts

  1. What to Do if You Think You've been Misdiagnosed

    Listed in medical conditions

    For many of us, we trust our doctor to make the right call. After all, that is what they are trained to do. But what happens if a mistake is made?

  2. Keeping Sports Centres at the Optimum Temperature

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    A comfortable temperature is important in any building, but in leisure centres and gyms, it is of particular importance. With customers already working up a sweat, it’s vital that t...

  3. How Schools are Identifying and Combating Toxic Stress

    Listed in stress

    With the intensity of the tests increasing each year, it’s safe to say that the levels of stress are on the rise for these young minds too. But is this stress a natural motivator, o...

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