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Alyssa Burns-Hill PhD MSc FRSPH MIHPE is an internationally recognized natural health Hormone Health Specialist and a scientist and practitioner of health in its broadest sense.  She works with many people around the world, helping them rediscover not only good health naturally, but also a better understanding of themselves. Her background in health stretches over 20 years and includes published books, articles and videos as well as national TV appearances. Since a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2001, and the choice not to be treated with drugs and radiotherapy, her understanding of health took on a different perspective that included the importance of learning about it through the lens of hormones.

Alyssa’s academic background in health promotion (MSc) includes the study of psychology, sociology, epidemiology, communications, and health promotion theory and practice. Her PhD research focused on “Holistic healing from breast cancer through the lens of hormones: Synopsis and synthesis”.  Her research led to the development of a person-centred health care model, which can be very revealing guided through hormone testing and evaluation. Her latest book Weight Loss Winners & Dieting Downfalls Hormonally Speaking is available from Amazon and her own website. Alyssa may be contacted on Alyssa@dralyssaburns-hill.com   www.dralyssaburns-hill.com

Articles by Alyssa Burns-Hill

  1. The Case for Balancing Hormones, Not Just Supplementing

    Listed in case studies

    The author cites a number of articles underlining the very complex interrelations of physical and emotional responses which are mediated by hormones. This means that it is not enoug...

  2. Evidence-based Practice: Cardiovascular Health - A Different Perspective

    Listed in heart

    In this column, the author states that heart disease and stroke are the main cause of death in the UK, and that more than one in three deaths in 2005 was attributed to cardiovascula...

  3. Weight Management Problems? There's an Epidemic of Undiagnosed Disease

    Listed in diabetes

    This column warns of the risks of being overweight, namely that of contracting diabetes. According to the author more than 2½ million people in the UK are diabetic and that a maj...

  4. Weight Loss Winners and Dieting Downfalls: Hormonally Speaking

    Listed in weight loss

    Weight loss and dieting can be a battle of will; an exercise in restraint; and, even a losing wicket. Did you know that you can trigger a hormone hijack with your weight loss regi...

  5. Is Resistance Futile? - Conventional vs. Integrative, CAM, and Cancer Protocols

    Listed in cancer

    In December 2012 I helped the Daily Express with an article, Do Cancer Alternatives Really Work? It was a topic of interest to the media at that time because the young mother ran ...

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